Who we are

The DS&P lab team is a multidisciplinary research group that takes advantage of the so-called “Big-Data Revolution” and works together to understand how individual behaviour impacts on society.

Current Members


Joana Gonçalves de Sá

Joana Gonçalves de Sá is an Associate Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the leader of the Data Science and Policy research group. Before that, she was a Principal Investigator at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), Portugal, where she remains as the Coordinator of the Science for Society Initiative and as the Director of the Graduate Program Science for Development (PGCD), aiming at improving science in Africa.

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Lília Perfeito

Lília Perfeito is a researcher at the Nova School of Business and Economics. She spent the past 15 years studying how organisms evolve and adapt to new environments with the goal of predicting that evolution. Lilia completed her PhD in Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), followed by a post-doc in the University of Cologne, Germany.

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Paulo Almeida

Paulo Almeida is a data scientist. Previously he worked in Bioinformatics at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, in projects ranging from large scale sequencing to genome wide association studies, with a strong component of data management and analysis.

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Cláudio Vieira

Cláudio is a Data Scientist and is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico.

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Sofia Pinto

Sofia Pinto is an aspiring Data Scientist currently working in a project aiming to identify and reduce misprescription of antibiotics in Portugal.

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Sara Mesquita

Sara Mesquita is a biochemist with a master in bioengineering and post-graduation in bioinformatics that replaced the lab bench for data analysis.

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Simone Lackner

Simone Lackner is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Nova School of Business and Economics.

Her current research focuses on developing new methods to understand public attitudes towards science and the role that cognitive biases play in opinion formation and Fake News sharing.


External Members


Frederico Francisco

Frederico Francisco is currently a post-doc fellow and Invited Assistant Professor at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto (FCUP). He was previously a post-doc fellow at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência and continues to work with the Data Science and Policy Group at NOVA SBE as a Visiting Member, conducting research on public attitudes towards science and electoral dynamics.

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We collaborate with colleagues from many different institutions and that work on diverse areas, from psychology, economics, computer science, political sciences, etc. We have worked directly (or are currently thinking together) with:

  • Bruno Martins, IST and INESC-ID, Portugal
  • Carlota Louro, Nova Medical School, Portugal
  • Daniela Paolotti, ISI, Italy
  • Johan Bollen, Indiana University, USA
  • José Tavares, Nova SBE, Portugal
  • Luis Rocha, Indiana University, USA
  • Manuel Arriaga, NYU, USA
  • Maria Eduarda Gonçalves, ISCTE, Portugal
  • Pedro Magalhães, ICS, Portugal
  • Pedro Pita Barros, NovaSBE, Portugal

Past Members

  • Post-doc Miguel Won, left for a post-doc at INESC-ID, Portugal
  • Post-doc Manuel Marques-Pita, left for a faculty position at Universidade Lusófona, Portugal
  • Post-doc Tiago Simas, left for a position as researcher at Telefónica, Spain
  • Fellow Pedro Varela, left for a PhD at IST, Portugal
  • Summer student João Nolasco Santos, left for a PhD
  • Summer student Michael West, left for an undergraduate degree at Imperial College
  • Summer student, Silvia Gerola, left for a job in Italy

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